Friday, January 5, 2018

A Modern Cabin, the Kids Room

UPDATE: I changed my mind, again.... It never fails. Keeping this area as a dinning room. My poor husband lol. 

Everything is still in the works as we renovate our cabin. We moved up to about 860 square feet allowing us to grow from a one bedroom to a three. We're starting the girls room first which was the the old dinning area, very slowly it's transforming into a bedroom. Refinished old cabinets with fresh paint and brass handles. White, grey and gold are the set tones, cork floors and a bright Persian rug warm it up for the girls.

 It's still lacking trim, floors and two more walls enclosing it in. We plan on using pocket doors with frosted glass to utilize floor space and allow light to pass through.

Pillowfort play tent  @ Target

Ideas for the finish:

Curtain possibilities ... Make my own...