Friday, February 16, 2018

Wildcrafted Drawing Charcoal

We've been working on making our own drawing charcoal over the last few years here at our homestead. All our charcoal starts as fallen twigs and braches from local trees. Many trees suffered  damaged during an ice storm, so we took advantage of the massive amount of branches we had to process. We spend the summer months carefully stripping the bark off the sticks and getting them ready to fire. After the sticks are processed they're kiln fired in small batches over an open fire pit. At the end of the cool down the sticks are removed and lightly sanded and cut to size. It takes several days to get the end product but we know you'll love it. 

Draw with nature Pine to Paper

* Wild crafted in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains
*  Small Kiln batched over an open fire nestled deep within the forest.
* Locally sourced from various trees, White Pine, Black Cherry, Sugar Maple, White Birch, Aspen and Poplar all giving slightly different tones of black.

* Each batch has a different grouping of drawing charcoal but all within the same amount 8 pieces of similar size.
* Each set has one "big boy" which gives a thick drawing medium
* All orders are packed for gift giving complete with hand dyed paper available in black and indigo at no extra cost * Charcoal is set carefully inside a secure shipping box.

This charcoal was meant to be on your paper. ( My son said that, he's been hard at work prepping the sticks)

About Vine and Stick Charcoal:

Our Charcoal has soft and deep lines that are erased easily and it can be prone to breakage if not carefully handled. Our charcoal ranges from soft and powdery to harder edged lines making it perfect for quick expressive marks but more difficult to use for detailed work, perfect for figure drawing and various still life applications. Great as a mixed medium.

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